Friday, January 18, 2008

Where's the booth?

I have these confessions:

B gave me that extra 1% raise because he said I was the hardest worker in the office. Out of all five of us, that's a big job. Perhaps it was a bribe to do his "Missed Calls" log bidding. Either way, I have been using the date stamp with the 2006 date, and then adding another loop to the open side of the six. Our stamp only went up to 2007, and I'm too lazy to order a new stamp. I wonder if it's more work to turn the six to an eight on the dozens of items a day than it would be to just call in an order for a new stamp. I just wasted more time blogging about the actual stamp changing than it would have been to just call.

My pants are rolling under my stomach and indenting a big ol' button shape into my stomach. It's really very painful, and I've just now unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Luckily I have this XXXL sweatshirt of Paul's that I can wear to cover it up.

I really want to post this picture of us at our rehearsal dinner:

That was a tiramasu cake and just fabulous. My nordstrom dress was a little tight in the boob area, but it was very cute!!

Poor Paul has regretted the decision to try to conceive later this year. Not because he doesn't want the babies or because he's worried about anything- he's tired of the pregnancy porn. Not the dirty kind in movies *shudder*, but the kind that consists of books, magazines, an tv shows his wife has DVRd while she was at work of pregnant women and babies. The man probably thought he'd be done with all the books and crap lying about after the wedding. The guy just doesn't know how much I love to read!

And finally, the last confession:

I love the way Paul looks in glasses. More than I like him without glasses. It's truly a terrible thing to say, but I love the way ALL men look in glasses! I tried to beg him to wear the glasses for the wedding shots (as I did), but nope. He's too uncomfortable in glasses, and he can't see as well. Oh well. I guess I will have to settle for the times he wears them at night to play Guitar Hero.

And that, friends, is what I'm admitting to today.

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