Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Heart Michael Cera... and so does she.

My friend Laura and I are going to be co-wives. Despite both of us having been married in 2007 (not to each other, weirdos) , we both share an affinity for a certain Michael Cera. Annnnd while I am almost nine years older than Mr. Cera, I'm okay with that. So I'm a Cougar. I'm okay with that.

Laura and I have decided that because we're both married, and we're both going to marry Michael Cera, it all cancels out any weird illegalness of it all- since we're not bigamists, we're just... jointly married to the adorable little guy.

Okay, it sounds weird, but it's not. It's totally cool. Now get off my back, Narc.

Author's note: Laura is apparently weirded out by Michael Cera's age (he's going to be 20 in June). Now I get to keep him all for myself. And probably millions of women and girls all across the world.

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