Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Everyone Loves "Juno"

This weekend, Paul and I went to see "Juno". My goodness, this may be the best movie I have seen in years. I'm a little strange about movies, I either love them or hate them, and that definitely holds truth with "Juno". A while back I had heard about this movie on Perez Hilton, and after recently seeing Michael Cera in Superbad (also a hilarious movie! Love me some Seth Rogen), I figured it would be a good movie. After constantly bugging Paul to take me to see "Juno", we made a day out of it on Sunday.

Although it's only an hour and a half long, this movie was FANTASTIC. My previous statement of loving or hating every movie I watch probably makes my "fantastic" review sound a little silly, but seriously, this movie is achingly good. Diablo Cody's writing in this, her first screenplay, is memorable, and leaves me wanting to know what else she has in her brain. Also: I totally want a hamburger phone.

Ellen Page is hilarious as Juno MacGuff, a sixteen year old smart-ass (love the snark that comes out of her mouth), and Michael Cera portrays Paulie Bleeker, her sweet best friend who still sleeps in a race car bed. The cast is rounded out with Jennifer Garner (who I seriously want to be), Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, JK Simmons, and as Juno's best friend, Olivia Thirlby.

The subject matter in this movie is ironically quite adult: teenage pregnancy. Juno is played so heart-breakingly real, and while joking about her "condition", you can just see the angst she feels about what she's become. Watching this movie, you laugh, and cry (well, I did, my husband is made of stone) and sympathize with the main character. Wondering what you would have done in her position, and seriously think about this: fetuses have fingernails?! Yikes.

"Juno" has received some Oscar nods this morning, most remarkably "Best Picture". Along with "Juno", there is "Michael Clayton", "Atonement", "No Country for Old Men", and "There Will Be Blood", out of these motion pictures, the box office totals for each: "Michael Clayton" 39.3 mil; "Atonement" 31.8 mil; "No Country for Old Men" 48.6 mil; "There Will Be Blood" 8.7 mil. How much did "Juno" make? The highest of the nominees at 85.3 million. Looks like the word is out: "Juno" is by far the best movie I've seen in years.

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Kelly said...

I haven't seen that yet but I keep hearing about how good it is. I saw There Will Be Blood over the weekend and that was really good too.