Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black Out Girl

When I was a junior in high school I fell into a hole while helping out with the Special Games. You'd think that for the insane tuition amounts Loyola Marymount University (In LA) charges, they'd be able to fix some freakin' holes, right? Especially when there will be HANDICAPPED people there? Like, people in wheelchairs, and on crutches? Luckily for those aforementioned special gamers, I was the one (the ONLY one) who managed to fall into that tricky hole filled with dried leaves.

I must say, wearing low-top Converse All-Stars didn't help my ankle bone keep it's stability, as my dainty ankle gave up holding the fort- while I was still standing. There I was, one foot in the hole, ankle touching the ground STILL UPRIGHT. Isn't that some kind of law against nature? I don't think I should be standing while my whole foot was on its side. Seriously. Obviously, my brain felt the same way, and my battle with my pain receptors began. Ever since that fateful (and bruised and puffy) day (when the special gamers made fun of me. I walked funny, they said), when I get hurt my body instantly gets cold, I turn greenish, and I start blacking out. Why does this happen?

It's actually kind of entertaining sometimes, when I whack my elbow on the side of the car or something and black out. My dad gets a little worried, since we're pretty sure that's not a common reaction to hitting yourself, but what can I do? Rewire my internal hardware? Don't think so, buddy.

The point to this story is: I'm an odd bird. I fall down in the most random of places, hurt myself in odd ways, and once actually hurt, I pass out. I wonder if labor will be something to watch out for, black out-wise. Hm.

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