Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Into Our Life

Well, I have begun a new blog, this one won't be filled in with wedding goodies, nor will it be filled with angsty posts about how much my matron of honor is cramping my style. :) No, this one will be full of my daily foibles and our plans for the future.

On my wedding blog I recently posted about how I'm waiting for our real lives to begin (a nod to Colin Hay, of Men at Work and also a song sung on Scrubs), after the wedding hubbub. Apparently, when you get older and more adult, you say words like "hubbub".

To me, our real lives have finally begun... what's that? Who the hell am I? Oh. Well. I suppose I should tell you about the people behind the stories. I am Amber. There used to be a last name, one that was rife with color and passed down through the ages. Now I have a new last name, one that is a cartoon character, and also passed down through the ages, except I have just acquired it.

Beside me in life is my husband Paul, a gentle, patient man who teaches children from 5 to 13 how to throw a football, and how to be good people when they grow up. I wish I had known him when I was a kid. Maybe then I'd be a little less mean and a little more good hearted. We have been married for a little over two months, and we have been together a little more than four years, although we've known each other for ten years. He is a good man, my husband. Sometimes I feel he's a little too good for me. Then he leaves his pizza plate in the sink for me to wash and I think I'm too good for him. That's married life, isn't it?

I'm a bookkeeper for a small family owned (not my family) oil company in Southern California. I like my job, and enjoy working here. It gives me plenty of time to blog and chat online. Hopefully you readers will get to know us a little better through my blogging, and see how awesome I can be. I am so incredibly modest, it's astounding.

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