Friday, January 25, 2008


My new niece, Ivy Jean Hayley-Brown. Man, that's a long name. Anyway, she was born at 1:30am, on January 25th in Sydney, Australia. Oddly enough, in America, she wasn't 'technically" born when we were notified. This time change thing is crazy!! Without further ado, I now present my adorable niece:

I think she looks like me. :) It's so strange to think that somewhere on the opposite side of the world, I have a niece. My brother has a child. The dude who would save all his Halloween candy until I ate all mine (and then eat each piece slowly, to torture me) is now a father. I honestly can't believe it!

It's going to be so hard now. I already miss my brother more than I thought I would. And yes, I do slightly resent him and his wife for living so far away- it's just so sad to me. My niece is going to be living her life, walking her steps, smiling the first smile, all without me there to cheer her on and give her hugs and kisses. I guess I'll have to do it by webcam then, right?

The only people I truly feel bad for are my parents. It's not quite fair that in order to see their first grandchild (which is easy for most other grandparents), they must pony up a couple grand, get their passports, and prepare to find somewhere to stay in Sydney. I guess we'd better hurry up and procreate, so the parents won't miss out on too much.

Still, welcome to the world, Baby Ivy.

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Anita said...

Welcome to the Brown family! We're glad to have ya! I hope our kids are just as cute.