Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm Hatey

It could be working the day after a three day weekend, it could be the caffe mocha, it could be the acid reflux from that dumbass apple fritter I got this morning, no matter: today I am full of hate.

It all began with hearing the drizzling rain this morning while I was still lazing about in bed (can 6:14am be lazing about?), dreading getting out of bed and freezing my ass off. When I did get out of bed two minutes later, I hustled to put my warm clothes on. When I dress for warmth, I seriously don't dress for the visual appeal of it since today I wore my charcoal grey yoga pants, a baby blue long t-shirt with eeyore on it, and a baby blue hoodie, shorter than the actual t-shirt- it's quite the breath-taking look.

Once I got to work and realized I may actually have to go out in public in this, I felt a little ashamed. Then I realized I currently don't care. That began my day.

I then received a fax from Office Depot, from the accounts receivable person named "Tasmonie Nation". Hm. Is that in fact, her REAL name? Doubtful. Anyway, this was her 2nd fax, telling me my payment was overdue. I realized she sent the same notice back on the 14th, five days before it was actually due. Since I can be righteous as I had sent payment on the 18th, I gave her the ol' what for. I told her that as far as I knew, four days until the due date wasn't quite overdue. And mailing something out the day before also resulted in the invoice being paid by the due date. Sooooo Tasmonie can suck it.

After I had finished my hatred-filled email (I so hate Office Depot), I called my doctor's office to make an appointment for a checkup, so I could get new asthma medications. What did I hear? My office had moved and was no longer available to me. Instead of a quick trip to the doctor, I would have to take the freeway and then take another few hours to get seen.

Now, I called the phone number of my dad's physician, and was told that although it is the SAME branch of my other medical group, I have to call my insurance to have them switch me over to a different doctor, even though it's a PPO. I am so frustrated about this that I just feel like crying. What if I had an asthma attack?? What the hell??

I just called the old doctor's office and they said that I was right: I can go anywhere because of my PPO. Ha. Dumb bitches.

Update: I have a doctor's appointment for February 2nd! Hm. I may have to change my name with them, too.

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