Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Scrubs, My love

At first, I intended this blog to be called "Waiting for my real life to begin", with the address: reallifebegins or something. This is a play off of the Scrubs episode, "My Philosophy" in which the Colin Hay song is sung. The song lyrics are beautiful (and Colin Hay is featured on Scrubs an awful lot because of his fantastic song-writing!), and available here .

I particularly love these paragraphs:

Any minute now, my ship is coming in
I'll keep checking the horizon
I'll stand on the bow, feel the waves come crashing
Come crashing down down down, on me

And you say, be still my love
Open up your heart
Let the light shine in
But don't you understand
I already have a plan
I'm waiting for my real life to begin .

That's how I felt after I got married, like all the things I have done in my life have been waiting for this moment: when my REAL life begins. It's funny, though, since this is now a real life shared by two of us. Life started that day in November, and now I only have to stand back and watch it unfold.

Anyway, as I downloaded "My Philosophy" on itunes, I grumbled to myself about the lack of episodes for this final season of Scrubs. I am completely on board with the WGA strike- at least I WAS until I realized that meant I may never see the final episodes of my favorite series on television. It angers me to know that after I'd been anxiously waiting through the summer months for a hint of what's to come for J.D., Turk, Elliott, Carla and the rest of the gang, after following this series for close to 8 years (okay, maybe closer to 7 years), I may never see what happens.

I'm a gal who needs closure, needs to know that things end- whether a good ending or bad, no matter. Ross and Rachel? Love how it ended, but had it ended differently, I would have been fine- unless it was an open ending. I HATE cliff-hangers! Why? Why am I like this? Perhaps it stems from my many years of being without Paul- those 6 years of not knowing how he was, if he was married with kids or not- all the while knowing I was meant to be with him, finally I had figured it out! I missed out on 6 years of love with him, and I want everyone to realize what they could be missing- life is short, do what feels right NOW. Do it yesterday!

Back to the Scrubs topic, Scrubs is humanity. Sure, there are times when you're like, "Yeah, that would never happen in real life", but this show is sadness and happiness, just like real life. People cheat, people debate their futures, people fall in love with best friends. People die and others are born, oh, if only my life had a soundtrack as good as Scrubs. I don't know of any show on television that can make you laugh your ass off, and minutes later cry deeply. I must cry during every other episode of Scrubs, I'm just emotional like that.

All I ask is to be able to see the final episodes, for the only other thing I'm as devoted to is Paul. How many shows are this loved?

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mzb said...

Oh, I SO love Scrubs. I finally saw a few repeats on a cable channel a few months ago and the 1st thing on my Christmas list was season one of the DVD's. We are working our way through them and LOVE every episode.

I am hoping that the strike will be over by the time we get to season 7 :)