Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fab new hair

I've officially turned matronly. Not more than a few months post wedding, and I have cut about 17 inches off my hair. I didn't even know I HAD 17 inches of hair! Of course, wanting to be like everyone else who recently married, I got a bob-ish cut which seems to not work as well on wacky wavy hair.

My hair has always had a mind of its own, flipping this way, curling that way. The only thing that kept it so sleek and straight all those years was the fact that it was about two feet long. I wish I had remembered that when I went in to chop it all off, asking for the Nicole Richie (albeit with a few more pounds) 'do, complete with side-bangs. Perhaps I'm just too lazy for a sleek bob, since I'd rather just let it air dry, instead of getting the dead arm feeling from holding my brand new hairdryer. I wish I had thinner hair (not bald spot thinning, just regular thin), so this bob would look cute on me.

I'd post a picture but my hair dryer laziness has spread into camera taking laziness. Oh, the shame. Instead, let me paint you a mental picture: round, pale face, shockingly dark black hair- snow white? Not so much. Although... I did play her in a musical once. Yeah, it was fifth grade, but I was the STAR! Anyway, my hair comes to my neck, and literally goes its own direction. Remember Drew Barrymore's hair in The Wedding Singer? That's mine. Just poufier. And with random pieces shortened.

I know it seems as though I'm complaining about my hair, but I'm really not. I think it's hilarious about how weird it is. And as long as I can ponytail it, I'm cool. It makes it really easy to handle, and it'll be a good look for headbands!

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mzb said...

I absolutely feel your pain! Good luck with the cut :)

OH...and I just found a really cool hair dryer/straightening iron in my local CVS. It was $50 which is well beyond my budget for hair appliances, but it has combs that pull your hair straight while it is blowing it dry.

I am an air-dry person myself, but I tried it when my hair was only mostly dry and it straightened it like I was the hair dresser...without the cramping arm! And I have VERY thick, have-to-make-an-appointment-with-extra-time-because-my-hair-takes-sooo-long-to-blow-out, hair