Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's Time!

It appears pregnancy and babies follow me everywhere. A good friend of mine recently discovered her pregnancy (lucky bitch- JOKING!), all tv shows seem to be based on pregnancy and babies (seriously- yesterday Tyra's show was about Remarkable Mothers, The Simpsons was about Marge's pregnancy with Bart, and Jon and Kate Plus 8 was on), so it's hard not to feel the urge to breed coming on, especially when it's already such a strong urge to begin with.

As of last week, Paul and I are OFFICIALLY trying for babies. We are no longer "seeing what happens", now we are actively planning and plotting, although not quite to the point of ovulation predictor kits. Friends say to just give in and stop thinking, as that's when it'll happen. Parents at Paul's school have advised me to just have a bottle of really good champagne and celebrate our love. Interesting.

I think I'll just pop "Juno" in the DVD player and see what happens. Wait. That's a movie about teenage pregnancy. Okay, perhaps I'll pop Terminator 2 in, instead. Wait- creepy Austrian robot protecting a super-buff woman and her child? Nope. I think I need a better choice. I guess I should really think through this idea of mine. Despite my deep love for "She's Having a Baby", I think the movie would terrify Paul at this precise juncture. Any good his and hers romantic movie ideas?


Kj said...

how about knocked up?


and have you ever heard of "egg whites"....

Amber Felix said...

KJ, that may be a good idea! I actually love that movie to death.

And sadly, I know alllll about "egg whites". I will never have an omelet again.

fatafelice said...

Fingers crossed for you!