Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another one bites the dust.

I may have set a record, folks. I've managed to fall down and bust an ankle twice in 4 days. The fall on Saturday night wasn't nearly as terrible as the fall yesterday afternoon, and also not quite as public! My left ankle had already returned back to normal when I stepped out of the car and onto the pavement. A few steps more and I was really on the pavement. I'm not quite sure what happened, all I know is that one moment I was walking with my bag of past-due library books talking to my Dad, then the next moment I heard a crack and I was on the ground with my hands 'round the mess that was my right ankle.

For some odd inexplicable reason, my body is incapable of dealing with pain. Anytime I hurt myself I laugh and grow faint. My vision gets dark and I start sweating and getting dizzy, I can't hear because my ears are rushing with blood. To be honest, it's a little scary and quite embarrassing. A couple feet away from us, a pair of girls yelled out, "Are you okay?! That looked REALLY bad!" Yes, thank you, I'm okay. I'll just limp/ooze over to where the handicap ramp is, and lay my head upon one of the bars while my Dad runs our books in. While he's gone, my vision gets darker, my foot starts to throb, and my stomach threatens to evacuate the hummus and tabbouleh that I had just eaten. It was not pleasant. My dad comes back out, and giving me his arm, helps me into the car. He notices the cold sweat beading on my forehead, and we just sit there awhile, me breathing in and out as if I were in labor. Finally, the pressure in my head starts to clear and I'm shaken, but still conscious. I text Paul the message, "Think I just sprained my ankle. Almost blacked out." Gotta keep your husband informed, right?

All my plans for doing laundry and picking up a salmon filet for Paul to eat with our steamed artichokes had gone out the window. Instead, he picks up the healthy Taco Bell (beans instead of meat), and wraps my foot. He tells me I need to stay home, and I would need crutches. I'm at work today and limping. See how I listen?

After a treatment of ice, wrapping in ace bandage and advil (I'm allergic to Aleve), my foot is still purple and swollen. I never really realized how much I love my ankle bone- until I can no longer see it through the disgusting mass that was my foot. Not pleasant at all, this sausage foot.

Hopefully it'll be better for the Dodger game we're going to on Friday, there are a lot of stairs to walk down to get to our seats. I'd hate to take a fall in front of all those people, too, being all unstable-like. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery (and yes, I'm aware that shuffling at work won't accelerate the recovery process)!

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Kj said...

sorry about your fall/falling. hope your foot has returned to its normal petitness :-)

We have salmon with a salsa relish and artichokes for dinner tonight. Sounds like we live in the same house ...

Keep on writing "fainting girl"