Monday, April 21, 2008

Bits n Pieces

Not much going on here, just really sitting around and checking calendars and cool stuff like that. :) I spent last weekend at the Renaissance Faire with my mom, aunt and cousins. It was actually really fun, and I came away with some lovely things. When we were heading out to dinner that night, though, I misstepped and completely fell on my hiney. My foot was really swollen (along with my sunburned lips- I tell ya, sunscreen, chapstick WITH sunscreen, doesn't matter, the lips still burn in the most disgusting way), and I spent the first night away from my husband since we got married. He wasn't missing me too much as we purchased a flat screen LCD tv the Friday before (as well as a new camera, which was useless as I had left it in the car at the faire), and spent the weekend cleaning up and watching Die Hard with a Vengeance on the Blue Ray player.

Today I am anxiously awaiting a delivery with my ovulation predictor sticks in it. Apparently I've decided to dive whole hog into this conception business, and I'm really dedicated to peeing on sticks. It was really such a bargain from, and it came with 20 free pregnancy tests! This is hilarious to me, giving out pregnancy tests with every ovulation stick, it's like "We're so sure you'll be pregnant, we're willing to bet 20 pregnancy tests on it!"

Now I'm sitting here, waiting for the sticks to arrive, and suddenly encumbered with a bit of dizziness- and it doesn't feel good. A few years back I was struck with a particularly bad case of vertigo, and suffered for a few weeks with nausea and a swimming head. It was so bad that anytime I get the slightest dizzy feeling, I'm fear it's going to happen again. I'm already feeling a bit better, so hopefully it's just plain old dizziness.

So many little things going on, right?

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