Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm just the Aunt

I've mentioned my niece Ivy before, who lives in Sydney with my brother and sister in law. From the few pictures I've seen of her, she's absolutely adorable, and it just breaks my heart to know that I won't actually SEE her in quite some time. There are many factors to this: the cost of flying to Australia, taking time off, having somewhere to stay in AU (no room at their home) which costs more money, not even counting if I actually get pregnant by the time we'd have all the money saved (and which we'd end up using for our baby). Luckily for my parents, my brother and SIL are doing everything they can to make sure they get tons of baby pictures in their inboxes.

Unfortunately for me, I must not register on this list of important people. The other day my dad met me in the car with an album sent by my SIL's sister (still following me?), the other aunt, Robyn. In this snapfish album were pictures of Ivy, from 5 minutes old, to Easter Sunday. Since I'm always trying to make sure things are "even" for my parents (mom and dad each get the same thing, no matter what it is), I wasn't sitting there thinking, "Oh wow, I hope I get one!". Instead I was thinking, "Oh man, I hope my mom gets one." That evening I called to tell her to check her mail, since we both got invitations to my aunt Marcy's 50th anniversary party, and to slyly check to see if she got an album as well. When I called to tell her my foot wasn't killing me as much, I fished for some info on her mail pickup. She did get the same album! Then she told me my aunt Marcy got one, too. Wait, what?

Now I feel pretty bad. You'd think it would be something special, right? From one Aunt to another? Not Aunt Robyn to Great Aunt Marcy. Perhaps it's silly, as I didn't want an album to begin with, just wanted to make sure my mom got one. Now that I know they are handing them out willy-nilly to all other relatives, I DO want an album. It feels really bad to be the one "forgotten". Everyone else gets phone calls, and letters, and pictures. I get nothing. For crying out loud, this is my first niece, do I not get to be a part of her life?

So now I sit here like a girl without a prom date, hoping my album comes in the mail someday. Until then, what am I supposed to do? I feel a little forgotten.

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Kj said...

uemail or call your bro and tell him you'd love a photo or two yourself. if not an album at least one for your wallet. and tell him he's an idiot for "forgetting" YOU are his daughter's favorite auntie :-)

you could always throw in a bit of guilt and tell him Maggie's been writing you letters and drawing you pictures and you're considering adopting her as you own little niece ;-)