Monday, February 4, 2008

Good and Bad

Good news and bad news: good news first. I'm getting a new setting for my engagement ring! The one I have is starting to scrape on my (forever) wedding band, making diamondy gashes. Not quite a fan of that, so Paul and I are having a new one designed. It's going to be like this, only without the asscher, no diamonds on the sides, with diamonds on the basket, the part between the prongs. The prongs will not be as thick, but thinner claw prongs. I'm SO excited!

Now the bad news: sickness prevails around the Felix home. Paul is very very sick with the flu, and has had a fever of 101 for the last day, no matter what meds I give him. He's just miserable. I've been wrestling with a cold for the last couple of days, and I hope my weakened state doesn't leave me susceptible to his flu- since it could be deadly in an asthma sufferer. I'll request the flu shot at my dr. office tonight.

Anyway, that's the news, wish us luck for the sicks, and the ring!

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fatafelice said...

Hey, I didn't know you have your own blog! Yay!

And creepy? Not so long as you bring a nice gift. ;)

Off to read the rest of your posts!

PS: Your ring is going to ROCK!