Friday, March 21, 2008

Thoughts on housing

Now is the time to start talking houses and grown up lives. Laura is thinking of moving to a new city, Tricia is currently looking at houses in Chicago (and is shocked to see how pricey houses are in that area, when they are glorified cardboard boxes on bricks!), and Paul and I are seeing if that teacher's grant we heard about could actually work for us. At this point, we're willing to have a two bedroom condo. Yard? Naaah, we have brothers and sisters with yards. My dad has a yard! It's cool, we can have cement-friendly children.

Still, the topic comes up about housing in Los Angeles. It's impossible to find a decent place to live under 700k. Paul and I can't afford that! It's seriously just a nightmare, and even worse knowing I could never move. Sure, Paul wouldn't mind, but I can't leave my family. Without me, my dad would have no one to hang out with, he'd spend a lot of time at home with his birds. I'm not okay with that. As I mentioned before, my dad is one of my best friends and we have a great time together. Perhaps I'd never leave because of my own needs. I need to be around my family, I need to feel NEEDED. Sad but true. Tell me this, though, if my dad drives to my work just to pick me up... he obviously values my presence just as much, right?

Also, with one grandchild already a world away in Australia, I'd love to be able to have our kids raised around the same people I was raised around, my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.


fatafelice said...

Wow. 700K? And I thought real estate around here was high. Are there no outlying areas withing commuting distance that are less? Or maybe you could just convince your whole family to move? ;)

lisa said...

You should talk to Mike. He's in the foreclosure business and might be able to help out. Although, I'm not sure about the areas.