Friday, March 14, 2008

One Small Step (back) for Birth Control, One Large Step for Us

Last night Paul and I decided to go off the pill after I finish this last pack. The conversation went like this (picture me in the kitchen {sadly, three steps away from the living room} and Paul on the couch, playing God of War II on PS2), Me: "So, I think I'm going to go off birth control after this pack is done." Wait for panic attack, stroke, or swallowing of tongue. Nothing. Paul: "Sounds good." What? Like, for real, sounds good? Me: "Are you sure? It's okay?" Paul: "Yeah, it's okay. Did you just see that move I did? I love this game (of course, he did just buy that game an hour earlier, so you can understand his glee)!" And that, my friends, is the moment we decided birth control has no place in our marriage. Quite the momentous occasion.

Of course, the next morning I got online to chat with my OBFF (online best friend forever, of whom I have two- a future post about THAT to follow this one) and she shared my joy in this big step called "Getting Knocked Up". Even if my poor husband couldn't really express himself as well as OBFF did, I know he understands what this means- no more naked days. Gasp!


lfaz said...


lfaz said...

hahaha I kind of like how my "EEEEE"s just ran off the end of the page instead of wrapping back around. :-)

fatafelice said...

Wooohooo for baby-making! ;)

Kj said...

hope you have lots of fun! wow-hoo!!! exciting stuff.

good luck babe. you and hubby will be awesome parents and i hope your dreams are answered.

super happy and excited for you. email or call anytime if you have questions. in the meantime, i'm keeping this quiet. not even a word to my other half ;-)

love you