Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One more strike

Yesterday, my upstairs neighbor (she of the "he's too young for you" sex antics) came by to ask if we needed a crate for Woofie. As the only crate we have for him is only used as his bedroom at night (I successfully crate trained him! He even runs in there when I ask, "Woofie, is it bed time?" I ROCK.), and we don't really need anything else, I said no, and then asked how she was doing. I've noticed her boyfriend's purple car outside our building AT ALL TIMES, in the GOOD PARKING SPACE, but haven't seen him around lately. Well, she didn't mention him, but she did mention her shoulder had been acting up lately. I felt badly for her, until I was rudely jolted out of bed this morning by the vigorous sounds of a bed creaking and moaning. I look at the clock- 5:36am. WHO THE HELL WAKES UP AT 5:30AM TO HAVE SEX? Maybe I've just been in a relationship so long that I don't remember when that ever happened (not sure it ever did, I valued sleeping in too much), and I've become crotchety, but FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I STILL VALUE SLEEP, and don't wish to be awakened by YOU AND YOUR DOUCHEBAG BOYFRIEND HAVING SEX AT RANDOM HOURS! GET A JOB, BOTH OF YOU!

And come on- your shoulder hurts????? Then STOP HAVING ROUGH SEX. CHRIST. Can you tell this is starting to get to me?


meladoriem said...

Hahaha. That's awful. I can't believe she complained about her shoulder! Maybe next time you talk to her, slyly slip in, "Hey have you ever noticed our walls are really thin?" Or if it was rude ol' me, I'd get a broomstick and start banging away at the ceiling or wall. Now that's crotchety. ;)

Amber Felix said...

Is it sad that I totally considered keeping a broom beside the bed for those very instances?