Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Fear not, I have found my candies. Yesterday I tried out the local Rite-Aid, and what did I see? FOUR medium bags of the mint crisp m&ms. And what did I do? I bought them all.

The insides are very light and crisp, the mint not too powerful, the candies are perfect. When I came home lugging four bags of candies, Paul just laughed. I suppose he knows me well enough, eh? I plan on saving these guys in a tupperware container in a cool dark place. Who knows when they'll be gone forever? Listen to me, it's like I'm creating an earthquake kit, only it's just candy. Quite sad, isn't it?

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fatafelice said...

Oooooh...those sound delicious! Add that to the list of things I am eating after June 28th!

(list currently includes made-from-scratch brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and fried anything)