Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Day

Gosh, I just seem to be lacking in posts lately! There really isn't much to say, sometimes life gets too busy and you don't have a chance to really talk or type as much.

Although I've said life is busy, there really isn't much going on. Just working (my boss is out, so I'm doing work for two people!) and getting things done around the house. Paul has had this summer to himself a bit, not traveling like he used to. Now he goes to work and is home before I am!

Today I have a doctors appointment for my asthma and my ankle. The pain is mostly gone from my ankle, but there is still swelling and a bit of pain when I move it a certain way.

We're still trying to get pregnant, now that we're moving to another month of trying. Everyone please wish us luck for this cycle! (and don't tell Paul I asked for it!)

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