Friday, May 30, 2008

Ryan's Roses

In Los Angeles, Ryan Seacrest has a radio show. On this show he does a thing called "Ryan's Roses", where people who suspect their significant others are cheating call the show and they have an intern call this significant other and offer them free roses delivered to anyone they want. The just need information for the card, and the flowers are theirs. Most of the time, the person IS actually cheating, and the person being cheated on is still on the line, waiting to hear their name on the card, but instead hearing someone else's!

This show is truly painful to listen to, but I have to listen! It hurts my stomach, but it's like a car accident, you must watch it! Anyway, this morning was a particularly bad episode, as a girl called asking Ryan to call her ex-boyfriend, who she had just seen at Carl's Jr. the other day. She felt sparks, she said. So, they call the ex-boyfriend who instantly knows that he's being called from the radio show, and wants to know if it was his GIRLFRIEND who was calling about him. Well, Ryan said it was actually his EX-girlfriend who he had seen at Carls Jr. The girl gets on the line and literally begs this guy to give her another chance. On the radio. Couldn't have been more humiliating in my opinion. The guy sounds nervous, and says, "I HAVE a girlfriend, I was just being nice." The girl then says, "She'll never love you like I do." The guy then points out they've been broken up for a year and a half, and it's really time she move on. The girl then says, "Yes, okay. But if you change your mind, my number is still the same!" In response, he said, "Yeah... I'm good."

This may have been the best (of the worst) ever. While I may have had my share of pride-less moments, at least I can say I've never begged anyone for anything. Unless you count cookies and candy. Then yes, I'm guilty. I'd also like to say, if any of Paul's ex-girlfriends ever tried that, I'd kill 'em.

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