Monday, May 5, 2008

Deep Thoughts.

What is it about pregnancy, or trying to conceive that makes you insane? I mean, I'm not even pregnant yet, and already I'm having overwhelming fears of having troubles. I've got no symptoms of having trouble conceiving, as we've only really been trying for a month or so... but my moods tend to swing around violently. One day I'll sit there and think, "Well, my fertile days are coming up, I'm sure if we can manage getting the appropriate parts in the appropriate places, I'll end up pregnant." Maybe it's the media (ahem, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba- Jamie Lynn Spears, anyone?) or friends of mine "catching" pregnant accidentally that leads me to believe that it's easy. It can happen as easily as one, two, whoops!

Then I go and visit on The Nest, where I see women who have sex DAILY and are still not pregnant. What the hell? So I'll sit there during the day and think, "DAMN, It's going to take us YEARS." Then I think, "Ha, when I get pregnant this week, I'll be laughing at myself later." And THEN I think, "Don't jinx yourself, idiot!"

Something tells me I'm going to birth myself an ulcer.

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Kj said...

lfmy world turned upside down the day we talked about trying... i can so relate. hope you're having fun while you're working on that ucler ;-)